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What are the Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms?

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Best Paint Colors to Open Up Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom should be a place where you feel comfortable getting ready to take on the day. After all, it is the first and last room you visit on a daily basis, so why not make it a bright and airy space? If your lavatory is small, it is not a problem. No need to renovate, just add a fresh coat of paint. From the interior painting experts in Shelton, CT, we’re here to share the best paint colors that will make your bathroom appear bigger.

Neutral Colors

Adding a neutral color to your walls will open up the space and give you more freedom to decorate your bathroom. Simple paint colors may include classic white, beige, light brown, or gray. These colors are best for creating a polished environment. If you are someone that loves to change things up frequently, painting your bathroom a neutral color may be the way to go. 

Vivid Colors

If neutral colors don’t quite suit your personality, consider bold colors like bright teal, yellow, or green. You can pair these colors with simple decorations to create a cheery atmosphere. This will help create the illusion of a larger space while revealing your amazing style. You will leave the bathroom feeling like you’re walking on sunshine.

Dark Colors

Are you one that loves to step outside the box? Do your friends call your style unique? Perhaps, you should consider painting your bathroom walls with a dark color such as olive green, navy, dark gray, or even black. Dark paint colors will add depth to your bathroom and make your decor stand out. If you are worried that painting the entire bathroom walls a dark color, you can do an accent wall instead. 

Ready to Revamp Your Walls?

Pick a paint color that showcases your style to give your bathroom a makeover. No more waiting, let the painting professionals handle creating your dream bathroom. For over a decade, Pacci’s Painting has provided excellent residential and commercial interior and exterior painting for Fairfield County residents. 

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