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Exterior Paint Colors That Are On-Trend in 2021

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5 Popular Exterior House Colors in 2021 

Are you thinking about changing the color of your home? With professional residential painting services in Fairfield County, that’s possible! Now, if you haven’t decided on a color, not a problem — the team at Pacci’s Painting is here to share some of the top picks for exterior house colors in 2021!

1. Pale Gray

In recent years, one of the most sought-after colors on the market is pale gray! Helping make brick-lined homes “pop” with curb appeal, pale gray is one of the newest, most luxurious colors. The best part? If you have dark gray or black accents on your home, pale gray will highlight them for a beautiful, polished look!

2. Two-Tone

Do you have a ranch or contemporary home? If so, you may want to consider opting for a two-tone look! Using two complementary colors will heighten the architectural details of your living space and provide a sleek, modern look! Also, not only will a two-tone home improve your curb appeal, but it will add visual contrast to your property!

3. Slate Blue

Over the past couple of years, various shades of blue have been gaining popularity amongst homeowners in Fairfield County. However, one color that is taking the lead is slate blue! This blue and gray mixture is perfect for homeowners who want their humble abode to show some character but still be subtle and neutral in appearance.

4. Earthy Green

Following the slate blue trend is earthy green! While some homes use this as an accent color, others drape their entire facade in it — and it’s stunning! Unlike the bright green exteriors you may have seen in the 1960s and 1970s, this is a muted, more modern version of the color that will be the perfect touch for any home.

5. Beige

A timeless color that never seems to go out of style is classic beige! This is the perfect color because it can breathe a breath of fresh air into your curb appeal. Not to mention, the latest beige shades do not turn yellow (or have yellow undertones); you’ll have the same beautiful hue of beige for the years to come!

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