3 Neutral Colors To Paint a Nursery

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Find The Ideal Color Palette For Your Nursery

If you are reading this, it must be because you are preparing for a very special event in your life! Whether you are a mother, a father, or simply lending a helping hand to the future parents, choosing the ideal color for a baby’s nursery space is the best way to start building a relaxing and cozy room to welcome a newborn. 

Colors can have a very powerful effect on our moods and physical wellbeing; neutral colors are well known for creating calming and comforting atmospheres in closed spaces. 

If you are looking for a list of timeless and sophisticated neutral hues, you have come to the right place! 

Soft Peach

Peach shades have become one of the most sought-after alternatives to pink. When paired with neutral tones, they create a calm and composed environment that can be soothing to your baby and make them feel happy and comfortable in their special space. 

Moreover, soft peach tones make perfect accent walls and can be paired beautifully with fun wallpapers and gentle lighting fixtures. 

Soft Blues

Just like the oceans and the skies, blue shades instill peace, tranquility and serenity into our minds and bodies. This color is also known to reduce anxiety and lower high blood pressure and heart rates. 

Soft shades of blue are tender, give us a sense of well-being and offer the perfect environment for a restful sleep. Therefore, your newborn will feel appeased and at ease in rooms painted in soft blue colors like powder blue, aqua and even light teals and turquoise shades. 

Earthy Neutrals

Creamy whites and earthy neutrals have a warm and homely effect that is perfect to create a cozy nook for your little one. The soft tones will give your baby’s eyes a rest from the bright and overstimulating hues typically found in children’s toys and accessories. 

Additionally, these colors allow for creativity when decorating the room; add touches of color with unique toys and framed vintage children posters for a timeless look that will age well as your child grows up!

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