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The Best Paint Colors for Your Home Office

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What is the Best Color for a Home Office?

Your home office, which typically functioned as either a guest room or storage facility until recent years, seems to be getting a lot of use these days for its actual intended purpose. And while working from your humble abode is a perk in itself, you may be growing weary of the paint color you chose way back then.

Before settling to keep the color you have rolled upon the walls for another year, here are some new, fresh alternatives that can transform the space instantly.

Pale Blue

A home office should be two things: inviting and relaxing. And given that your nine-to-five can be stressful at times, you want a space that will help you stay tranquil and calm on the busiest of days. Solution? Pale blue. This light, airy shade will not only keep you mellow as if you were working down by the sea but it is also known to keep you productive and focused throughout the day.


A shade that fosters the power to warm a room visually and provide a wave of calm is brown. This ominous hue is perfect for home offices that need a decadent, rich glow to possess character. Another perk about brown is that it can help you stay “in the zone” throughout your workday. Whether you’re responding to emails or participating in video conference calls, a rich tone of brown can help reel you in and feel comfortable.

Light Pink

A color that’s becoming quite popular across the country is light pink. Unlike other hues in its family, this soft shade of pink is perfect for adding a splash of color without being overwhelming or distracting. Pale pink (as well as warm shades of coral and peach) can help increase creativity levels and keep you focused no matter what your days bring.

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